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In celebration of the American dream

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In celebration of the month of May – Asian Pacific Heritage Month, Tony Pham, our Public Relation Officer, did a guest post in the Henrico Citizen. Below is an except. Click here to see the full article.

In celebration of the American dream

By Tony Pham, Guest Columnist


In 1978, Congress passed a joint Congressional Resolution to commemorate the first week of May as Asian/Pacific American Heritage Week. Thereafter, in May 1992, the entire month of May was designated as “Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month.”

During the celebrations in the month of May, different Asian communities celebrate the importance and accomplishments of their respective cultures with a pageantry of festivals and government sponsored educational activities.

However, I wanted to expand upon the celebration of what it means to be not just an Asian-American but an American of Asian heritage. I do so by sharing our journey to and in this wonderful nation with the hopes that in reading this, our children can understand how people from different backgrounds contribute to the beautiful tapestry of the American experience.

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